Supporting Quality & Local suppliers

Whether it’s supporting local farmers & ranchers, or collaborating with other great like-minded businesses, we believe the best food is produced when we work together. We pride ourselves on using 'lovingly raised' meat, organic grains and legumes, certified organic spices and incredible seasonal produce from beautiful Western Canada. We think that supporting other small businesses allows us all to grow together as a strong and resilient community.

Photo Credit: Erik Sirke


to Community

We believe we are privileged to live in a place that not only allows us to create and grow, but to give back in a meaningful way.

As individuals, we love the idea of bridging community gaps and providing a hot meal for anyone and everyone, regardless of financial ability.  That is why we have partnered with local organizations to allow our customers the opportunity to buy a meal for someone who might need some Naaco Love! 

Photo Credit: Neil Zeller

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our Impact

All of the merchandise Naaco uses is certified compostable. We have tried our best to make our locations as energy efficient as possible. We are striving to be zero waste. Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact with everything we do, right down to what we clean with. 

We strive to be carbon neutral. By purchasing carbon credits from a small, local company, and donating to community gardens and orchards, we hope to offset the energy we use while at the same time promoting city vibrancy. 

All of our efforts have resulted in us being the first LEAF Certified Food Truck in Canada!

Photo Credit: Ann Craig / International Ave BRZ